Wednesday 16 November 2011

Training for Something?

As I write this its early, theres a nip in the air and even frost on the grass outside. The heating is on (but not for long as although I now live in Scotland, I mustn't forget my Yorkshire roots) and maybe, just maybe, winter is finally on its way?

The last month has seen me taking part in all four rounds of the Scottish Tooling Series as well as four sessions on "The Fast and the Furious" at Newtyle Quarry. Whilst this style of climbing is far removed from the Scottish winter scene, it's provided training opportunities and alot of fun along the way. But now the tooling series is over, and the white stuff is yet to arrive, I'm left with a distinct feeling of an anticlimax. What to do now?

I've come to the conclusion that I like training for something definite and tangible. With the tooling comps it's a date in the diary and X number of sessions leading to it. It's the excitement and nervous energy with a day to go... and with "Fast and Furious" its a tool placement closer each session and the eager anticipation of when I'm next going to be able to drive the 2 hours down the road to get my "fix"... hopefully this weekend!!

But with the last two winter seasons (my first living in Scotland) I have been spoilt. This time last year I'd already climbed my first winter routes. Like everyone, I have my goals. My big "ticks" for the season. But, right now, I feel like I'm in limbo. WHEN will the winter finally arrive and WHEN will my targets be in perfect "nick"?

Well I have 2-4 December as a definite date in my diary. I will be the lucky occupier of a bed in the CIC Hut courtesy of Big Tree Campervans and the Scottish Tooling Series. Who knows what, if anything, will be "in". But all I can do is prepare for and train for the next 2 weeks and, with a bit of luck and a prayer to the winter gods, I will achieve something worth training for.


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