Monday 28 November 2011

The Power of Psyche

Well that's it. Job Done. Project sent!

Last week felt intense, with the anticipation of success weighing heavy on our shoulders. But this week was different with a chilled vibe in the cave courtesy of Greg Boswell, James Dunne and their tunes! I don't think I've ever met anyone quite so enthusiastic for everything and everyone, but Greg's psyche is infectious! My moods and confidence are heavily influenced by those around me (that's me in life, not just as a climber) and with bucket-loads of Greg's psyche being thrown around there was to be no failure today!

A quick warm up and then Neil teased us by failing at the crux figure 4 move on his first red-point attempt of the day. A rest, and then he sent it in style! Neil will say he struggled. But to those watching below it appeared effortless. Perfectly choreographed. Faultless. An hour later Neil had another go for the sake of training. But this time it was a different man who tied into the end of the rope. Having already accomplished what he came for, there was no longer any hunger. No psyche. So, having fumbled his way to the sixth clip, it was time for Neil to call it a day. It had been a good day and now it was time to relax, enjoy the banter and drink tea!

My ascent was by no means flawless. Typically tense with red-point anxiety my fingers began to uncurl, again, from my right tool on the figure 4 crux. But with encouraging shouts and tunes below, I managed to relax just enough to complete the move. Dropping my right tool in the process I had no option but to make the l-o-n-g reach to clip the lower-off from the second to last hold. Back on the ground I think I smiled outwardly and shared a polite handshake with the supporters in the cave. But inwardly I felt psyched and, but for the effects of four all out red point attempts and the fading winter afternoon light, I wanted more!

Great things can happen when you're psyched. Time will tell for me. But in the words of Alan Partridge "You're a tiger. Grrrrrr!!!!"


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