Monday 30 July 2012

Hill Running... there's nae fells in Scotland!

After the disappearance of the snow, and the recent rains of summer, the motivation to get out in the mountains has changed a little in the last few months. The desire to run/trott/crawl up and down the hills has caught the imagination of late! Having been out half a dozen times in the last few months, it struck me yesterday the variety of thoughts that go through your head while indulging in a relatively greulling sport....hmmm on second thoughts I'm not sure if 'sport' is the right word. It might be if taken in the same context as 'the only sports are racing driving and mountaineering, all others are games! In no particular order are a few thoughts which popped into my brain yesterday while doing something which I enjoyed doing.... well for a few minutes anyway! You might guess it, but Beinn Bhreac and Beinn a'Chroarainn (Cairngorms) might not be the best hills for fast flowing, high level running! :-)


* Jacket on or jacket off….


* Oh oh I'm going to get soaked


* Stupid bog!


* Great, wet feet already and I've only been out half an hour


* Aaaarggghhh can't believe I'm ankle deep in frogspawn!


* Wow, what a view!


* Shit that was close, don't want to do my ankle in here!


* Those clouds are very black, wait for it… wait for it…. And the rains on, great.


* Ah the hutchison hut, what a place!


* They look like their prepared for the weather (couple in full waterproofs, me in lycra leggings and t shirt)!


* My lungs hurt


* My legs hurt


* I wonder if my heart rate has gone through 200bpm yet


* I could just stop for a seat….


* Stupid knee-high grass and heather


* Bollox, I'm on the wrong hill, stupid map!


* Damn, turdoclock.


* Aaawww my eyes, stupid sweat!


* Bet the GB mens road cycling team wouldn't be slacking it right now….


* This was a terrible choice of route!


* Mmmmm I'm glad the suns out!


* This is summer and I'm starting to lose feeling in my hand….. Stupid wind and rain.


* Damn, my trainers are filled with mud…. should never have worn road shoes.


* Damn it, I think my nipples might be bleeding…..


* Wow, there's Loch Avon! I'm glad I came out.


* Wooowwww this slopes too steep for road shoes!


* Oh oh, that better not be cramp coming on….


* I wish that woman would bugger off so that I can take my pants off……ok maybe that was in the carpark!







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